September 16, 2018

2018-09-16 Who Can Separate Us from The Love of God?

Passage: Romans 8:14-17
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Who Can Separate Us From The Love Of God?

  • 你有得救的确信吗? 得救的确据是什么?
    Do you have the assurance of salvation?
    What is the assurance of salvation?

Message Outline:得救的确据 The Assurance of Salvaiton:
一、 耶稣基督的工作 The Work of Jesus Christ
1). 得救的确据 - 耶稣的宝血 Jesus’ blood
2). 错误的确据 False Assurance
a. 以信心大小为得救的确据 based on the size of faith.
b. 生命的表现当作得救的确据 based on fruits of life

二、 圣灵的工作 The Work of the Holy Spirit
1). 赐予永不改变的儿子的名分 Sonship given by the Holy Spirit
2). 圣灵的见证 Testimony of the Holy Spirit
3). 圣灵的印 Sealing by the Holy Spirit

三、 庆祝已保障的救恩 Celebrate the Security of Salvation
1). 神的爱  God’s love
2). 神的能力 God’s power

结论 Conclusion: 得救的确信基于神的属性和他的作为。
The assurance of salvation is based on God’s attributes and His work.
你有没有得救的确信? Do you have the assurance of salvation?

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