2024 Sermon List

Date Preacher Sermon Title Passage
2024-2-11 Pastor Chen 龍年年運
Fortunes in Year of the Dragon
賽 Isa. 61:1-2
2024-2-4 Peter Kupisz 掌握每個念頭
Take Every Thought Captive
2 Corinthians 10:5
2024-2-3 Peter Kupisz 上帝與苦罪問題
God and the Problem of Evil
2024-1-28 Pastor Chen 誰是我的家人?
Who Is My Family?
可Mark 1:31-35
2024-1-21 Pastor Dale 在摇擺不定的世界中毫不動搖
An Unshakeable Life…In A Shaky World
詩篇Psalm 15
2024-1-7 Pastor Chen 耶穌: 你想要什麼?
Jesus: What Do You Want?
約John 1:35-42

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