5C Re-opens

Church has re-opened since 8/8/2021. 

If you cannot come in person for Worship or Sunday School, you may click Online Church to use Zoom to join church activities.
如果不能親自到教会, 请點擊 网上教会 參加网上崇拜和其他活動

Due to the pandemic, we will follow the recommended safety practices.  因为疫情的關係,聚會時将遵循政府推荐的安全措施

Santa Maria Summer Pot-luck 夏日野餐聯誼會一 家一菜

Our church will hold the annual picnic in Rotary Centennial Park in Santa Maria at 5:00pm on Sunday 7/23. Please invite family and friends to join this fun event.
教會將於 7 月 23 日週日下午 5:00 在聖瑪麗亞扶輪世紀公園舉行一年一度的野餐聯誼會。歡迎邀請家人和朋友來參加這個愉快的活動。