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Shang Ti Booklets link to access online

Here are the links to access the Booklets on line:

There are only 2 booklets on the website.

You can also see the booklets visually here:

7 minute introduction overview of all 3 booklets.


A lecture on Chinese spiritual roots can be found on youtube:

The presentation power point can also be downloaded here:

Ambassadors For Christ ministry website Home page

China’s True Spiritual Roots; Who is Shang Di; and China’s blood covenant with Shang Di can all be purchased at their online Bookstore at:


We also recommend you get a copy of “Faith of our Fathers” by C.K. Thong either in

English or simplified Chinese as it a great overview of the materials in all three of our Booklets but includes much more from China’s History that help the Chinese find their True Spiritual roots in our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ.

Temple of Heaven (Documentary)

Published on Feb 23, 2014

One China, One Emperor, One God. Rising above the mist outside the modern city of Beijing, China, stands an ancient temple; a temple dedicated to the worship of an invisible and all-powerful God, Shang Di, the God of Heaven. A masterpiece of architectural and landscape design, this manificent structure serves as a mysterious reminder of a time when the spiritual heart of the Chinese nation was much different than it is today. A time when China was ruled not by just one Emperor, but by one God.  


The Sacred Meaning video here:

This video is a professionally done overview of the subject of China’s original knowledge of the one true God by the name of Shang Di.

Dr. CK Thong: God in Ancient China Identical to God of the Bible

Extracted from CK’s book “Faith of Our Fathers” Chinese history, worship and written language corroborate ancient historical record in the Hebrew Bible. ( TrueScienceForTheologians conference, Los Angeles, May 2015, English ).



A short video clip from the Sacred Meaning video uploaded to YouTube:

It explains the truth that all the false gods of China have a beginning but only Shang Di is eternal

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Yerkes hour long video.

C.K. Thoung


Bible History in Chinese Characters Bilingual


CBN re-enactment at Temple of Heaven Beijing


Pastor Ray & Annie China True Spiritual Roots 1 hour


Pastor Ray and Annie 7 minute introduction

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