How to join 5C Online

To join the Central Coast Chinese Christian Church Sunday School or Worship Service on Sunday, please go to the church website and look for the Online Church page. Please click the Chinese or English Sunday School link at about 9:30 am. and/or the Worship Service at about 11 am, Pacific time of course if you are joining from other parts of the world. For those interested to know the platform, we are using

If this is the first time you use zoom in your device (smartphone, smart pad, or computer) you will see the link to download Zoom at the bottom of the Zoom page. After downloading you can go back to the church website to continue the connection.

If you have done this before, you will be directed to approve using the computer audio, the camera, and receiving notifications. You will be able to hear the activities within a minute.

Looking forward to your presence on Sunday.

执事会三月十五日晩间召开临时会议,鉴于新冠病毒的传播,决定暂停教会所有聚会,一切都转换成在线直播或在线聚会。请上网 点击网上教会,再点击 主日學或崇拜,或其他链接。詳情請閱讀牧师三月十七日送出的通讯, 或 5C 华人教會微信。


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