August 16, 2020

08-16-2020 Day 3 Genesis 1:9-10: Dividing Seas & Land

Passage: Genesis 1:9-10
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Day 3 Genesis 1:9-10 “Dividing Seas & Land”
第三天 創1:9-10:“將海與地分開”

Introduction 引⾔:

A. God Creates and Makes: The Miracle and Chemistry of Creation 上帝 “創造” 並 “製造”:創造的奇跡與化學

B. Atoms Bear Witness to a Creator 原⼦⾒證造物主

C. Wisdom from the Waters 來⾃眾⽔的智慧(創1:9-10)

D. Land Formed out of Water 陸地從⽔造出(彼後3:5︔詩24:1-2︔136:6)

E. The Earth: Learning Her Life Hanging Wisdom 地球:向她學習改變⽣命的智慧

Conclusion 結語:Important Lessons 重要功課

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