08-31-20 Newsletter 牧師家書

Dear Friends at 5C:

Although the state sees the decline of COVID-19 cases, our local number is still on the rise. It is reported that Cal Poly will have 5,000 students living on campus this fall, which may add uncertainty to the future outlook. Some colleges are forced to close down after reopening in one or two weeks, simply because young people get together for parties on and off campus.  It is proved that group gathering is a favorable thing for this virus to transmit in a large number. Without wearing masks or observing social distance, things could become a disaster.  Hopefully Cal Poly will take the necessary steps like many other colleges, so this kind of thing never happens to this campus in SLO. By the way, we really appreciate our sister Bianca for tirelessly updating us on the local data each day.

On Sunday our church family continues to meet online for Sunday school and Worship. English class will finish the Book of Romans this week, and the Chinese class is halfway through their learning of the inductive study of the Book of Mark. This is a very productive summer!  When the Word of God opens our eyes, we no longer feel any confinement due to the pandemic. 

Our sister Lily Long left SLO on Saturday for a new opportunity in Seattle, we wish her to be blessed and continue her spiritual growth in a new city. Please pray for Catherine Li who injured her hand during a fall. She will take an X-ray this week to see if there is any fracture, and hopefully, nothing is serious.t has been almost six months since the beginning of the staying-at-home order, people may feel tired and lower their guards against this virus. Now California officially cancels stay-at-home order, a new measure is introduced to monitor the spread of COVID-19. SLO county remains as the top tier, the Purple. Please keep up the public health safety measures recommended by CDC, it seems that there is still a long way for us to get into a safe harbor. Meanwhile please take a flu shot this year, especially for seniors and people of the vulnerable groups, the flu shot is available in many drug stores and clinics in our neighborhood. For most medical insurances, a flu shot is free and adds another layer of protection to our body’s immune system. Hope that everyone is well, and God keeps us all safe through this season!

Ministry Update:

  1. Virtual prayer meetings at 7:30pm Monday and Thursday.
  2. Pastor Chen’s virtual office hours every Friday 10:00-12:00pm.
  3. Chinese Sunday school (Pastor Chen) and English Sunday school (Bianca Lin).
  4. Small group “Love” will meet through Zoom at 7:30pm on Sunday 9/6.
  5. We will have holy communion this Sunday 9/6. Please prepare your elements to participate.
  6. The Deacon nomination committee is working to nominate new deacons for next year.
  7. The deacon board will soon send out the notice of the deacon election in 2021-2022.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for the Coronavirus outbreak in the US and around the world.
  2. Pray for the physical and spiritual well-being of our church members.
  3. Pray for new college students of 2020, Amanda Chen (Pastor’s daughter), Jenny Zhan (Annie Tan’s daughter), Hannah Guan (Li and Melissa Guan’s daughter)
  4. Pray for Cal Poly students in our midst, Canlin Cao, David Chen, Ping-Wei Lin, Steven Luo, Karen Ma, Solomon Zhou, Kevin Yu, and Ashely Yao.
  5. Pray for Crystal’s uncle in South Korea who is still in recovery from kidney cancer surgery
  6. Pray for Samuel Lee’s epidermal inclusion cyst on his back, waiting for a surgery date to remove it
  7. Pray for expecting mother- Crystal Cui
  8. Pray for Annie’s sister who suffers Parkinson’s disease.
  9. Pray for Ed Sherman’s son Lane who undergoes treatment for brain cancer.

儘管加州新冠肺炎的確診病例有所下降,但是 SLO 本地确诊人數仍有上升的趨勢。據悉,今年秋天加州理工大学將有 5000 名學生住在校園內,這可能會增加未來的不確定性。一些大學被迫在重新開放後的一到兩週內關閉,只是因為年輕人聚集在一起參加校園內外的各种派對。事實證明,人群聚集为該病毒的大量傳播提供了有利條件。如果不戴口罩或沒有保持社交距離,事情可能會变得更加糟糕。希望加州理工大學可以像其他許多大學一樣採取必要的措施,避免這種事情在 SLO 校園發生。另外,我們非常感謝張西齡姐妹每天不懈地更新本地疫情數據。
因為在西雅圖獲得了新的工作機會,龍建瓊姐妹已於上週六離開 SLO,我們祝福她在新的城市蒙實地祝福,繼續她的屬靈成長。請為摔傷手的李嘉琳姐妹祈禱。她本週將進行 X 光檢查,看是否有骨折,希望不會太嚴重。
自頒布居家令以來已經過去了將近六個月,人們可能已開始對疫情懈怠。現在,加州正式取消了居家令,並採取了一項新措施來監控新冠病毒的傳播。SLO 縣仍處於第一層級(紫色-廣泛傳播)。請遵守 CDC 列出的公共健康安全措施。看來我們離進入安全避風港灣還有很長的路要走。同時,請在今年注射流感疫苗,尤其是老年人和體質較弱的人群,我們周圍的許多藥店和診所都提供流感疫苗的注射。對於大多數醫療保險,流感疫苗都是免費的,且為我們的身體免疫系統增加了另一層保護。在這個特殊的季節裡,希望每個人一切安好,願上帝保佑我們所有人平安!


  1. 線上禱告會於週一和週四晚間 7 點半舉行。
  2. 陳牧師辦公時間:每週五上午 10 點-12 點。
  3. 中文主日學將由陳牧師帶領,英文主日學由張西齡姐妹带領。
  4. 『仁愛』小組將於 9 月 6 日晚間 7 點半線上聚會。
  5. 本主日 9/6 將守聖餐, 請弟兄姊妹準備好所需物品來參加。
  6. 執事提名委員會正在進行明年新執事的提名工作。
  7. 執事會將很快寄出明年執事的投票選舉通知。


  1. 為美國及世界各地的新冠肺炎的爆發
  2. 為我們教會所有成員的身體及屬靈健康
  3. 為 2020 屆三名新大學生,Amanda Chen(陳牧師的女兒),Jenny
    Zhan(譚東英的女兒),Hannah Guan(關力和陳慧珍的女兒)。
  4. 請為我們當中加州理工大學的學生們: 曹燦霖、陳為、林苹葦、羅智
  5. 為崔琳二姑父的腎癌手術術後恢复
  6. 為李碩俊后背的表皮囊肿祈禱,等待進行手術將其取出
  7. 為待產的崔琳姐妹祈禱
  8. 為裴師母正在遭受帕金森困擾的姐姐
  9. 為 Ed Sherman 的兒子 Lane 祈禱,他正在接受腦瘤治療

主僕 陳金昌

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