05-26-2020 Newsletter-牧師家書

Dear Friends at 5C:

As we enter the 10th week under the mandate of stay-at-home issued by the governor, more people are going out to enjoy the beautiful weather, especially during Memorial Day weekend.  This is a prolonged period of isolation, and it does not seem that COVID-19 pandemic is anywhere near under the control. However, as the states are gradually reopening, it is unavoidable to see the spike of cases reported in this most populous state in the country. Churches in California are also eager to join the race of reopening, so a number of pastors made their petition to the court last week. Under the urge of President Trump, the governor finally approves the in-person religious service on May 25.  Obviously this decision is politically motivated.

At this time, you may wonder when 5C will reopen her door for in-person service. Our church has been carefully studying the current situation as well as government policies. In addition, we have been in touch with NazSLO church as well as other local churches in the area. Once again, the safety and well-being of our members is the highest priority as the church considers when and how to reopen our service. Please pray for our leaders as Bianca and Raymond are working together to draft up a reopening guideline. They will communicate their progress with our members in days ahead.  Meanwhile if you have any comments and suggestions, please feel free to let the church leaders know.

It is amazing to have a growing number of people joining Zoom for Sunday service. In last two Sundays, we were so delighted to see our beloved Pastor and Mrs. Chow finally made their appearance on Zoom. Yes, nothing should have stopped Christians for getting together to worship our God, not even the malicious virus. Sunday message continues our study on the Book of Roth, it is such a beautiful book. Though there is only four chapters, we have discovered many insights for both theological studies and personal applications.  It is appropriate to study this book in times of this global crisis, God provides His wisdom at the times we desperately need to hear Him. Hope that you all enjoy our journey together in studying this book.

Ministry Update:

  1. Virtual prayer meetings at 7:30pm Monday and Thursday.
  2. Pastor Chen’s virtual office hours, 10:00am-12:00pm every Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Chinese Sunday school (Anderson Lin) and English Sunday school (Chris Choi & Rachel Ma)
  4. “Joy” Small Group meet through Zoom last Friday 5/22, studying “The Life of Christ”.
  5. Chinese Sunday school will start “Bible Study Methods” on June 7th, and a make-up session is scheduled at 11:00am every Wednesday.
  6. Pastor Ray is going to preach this Sunday, and we look forward to his new series on Genesis.
  7. Bianca and Raymond are working on church reopening guideline.
  8. Chris Choi is working on Good Samaritan Committee guideline.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for Coronavirus outbreak in US and around the world.
  2. Pray for physical and spiritual well-being of our church members.
  3. Pray for God’s protection for people who have to work outside home.
  4. Pray for Bianca’s fully recovery after hand surgery on 5/21.
  5. Pray for Annie Shi-Mu’ sister who suffers Parkinson’s disease.
  6. Pray for Ed Sherman’s son Lane who undergoes treatment for brain cancer.

Look forward to seeing you virtually on Sunday.


至此,我們已進入居家令的第十周,越來越多的人選擇外出享受美好 的陽光,尤其是國殤日這個長週末。這將會是一個延長的隔離期,新冠病 毒這場瘟疫似乎尚未得到控制。但是,隨著各州逐漸重新開放,人口眾多 的加州不可避免地會有確診病例的激增。加州一些教會也爭相渴望重新開 放。因此,許多牧師上周向法院訴求開放教會的請求。在川普總統的敦促 下,州長終於在 5 月 25 日批准宗教團體重新开放的決定。顯然,這個決 定背後有著強烈的政治因素。 

此時,您可能很想知道中岸華人教会何時重新開放敬拜。教會一直在 認真研究當前形勢以及政府政策。此外,我們還與拿撒勒人教會以及 SLO 地區的其他教會保持聯繫。再次強調的是,教會一直將成員的安全和福祉 放在首位,教會在此基礎上考慮何時以及如何重新開放。張西齡姐妹和胡 其健弟兄正在共同起草回歸教會的指南,請為教會領袖祈禱。他們將在未 來幾天與大家交流相關信息。同時,如果您有任何意見和建議,請隨時告 知教會領袖。 

非常令人驚訝的是,有越來越多的人通過 Zoom 加入主日崇拜。在過 去兩個主日,我們很高興終於在 Zoom 見到敬愛的周牧師和周師母。沒有 什麼能阻止基督徒聚集敬拜我們的上帝,即使凶惡的病毒也不能。上週日 講道繼續研讀『路得記』,這真是一本非常好的書卷。儘管只有四章,但 具備如此豐富的內容,對於神學研究和個人應用都有幫助。在這場全球危 機之中,學習這本書是再恰當不過的。在我們迫切需要聆聽上帝的時代, 上帝為我們預備了祂的智慧。希望大家一起享受我們的學習之旅。 


1. 線上禱告會於週一和週四晚間 7 點半舉行。
2. 陳牧師的線上辦公時間為每週三和週五的上午 10:00-12:00。
3. 中文主日學將由林恩深弟兄帶領,英文主日學由蔡達文弟兄和馬若曦姐妹带領。
4. 上週五“喜樂”小組通過 Zoom 聚會,學習“基督生平” 一書。
5. 中文主日學六月七日將開始新課程“讀經法”,同樣课程定於每星期三上午 11:00進行。
6. 這個週日裴牧師證道,我們期待他的新的證道系列-創世紀。
7. 张西龄姐妹和胡其健弟兄正在起草回归教堂的指南
8. 蔡达文弟兄正在起草好撒玛利亚人委员会的草案。 


2. 為我們教會所有成員的身體及屬靈健康
3. 為那些必須在外工作的人們祈禱上帝的保護
4. 為張西齡姐妹的術後恢復
5. 為裴師母的姐姐正在遭受帕金森的困擾
6. 為 Ed Sherman 的兒子 Lane 祈禱,他正在接受腦瘤治療 

主僕 陳金昌 

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