04-06-2020 Newsletter-牧師家書

Dear Friends at 5C:

As our nation suffers the attack from the malicious virus, we witness the resilient faith of our members because God is still working among us. As a result, our attendance of online meetings continues to grow steadily. More than ever people are seeking God for guidance and protection.  Thanks to Pastor Ray for his message on Sunday, it is perfect time to recite and meditate on Psalm 46. God’s Word is the source of our strength and comfort. On this Sunday 4/5 we have 58 people worshiping together through Zoom. Praise the Lord for our people who become so enthusiastic about participating and supporting one another during this time of trial. The growth of our faith is indeed the fruit that God desires for his children. No one expects that our church grows small group ministry under such a circumstance, and we love to see more small groups beginning their meetings online.  All of these are due to God’s abundant grace, nothing else!

I also thank God for our leaders, what a dream team!  Deacons have been meeting every Sunday after service to cope with changes in church ministry. In order to meet members’ needs, many have been investing more hours than usual to move our ministry forward. It is not exaggerating that some of us have been working around clock. Currently, the board is in consideration to establish a love fund assisting church members with financial needs. Meanwhile we are going to draft up a plan to help those families that may be afflicted by this virus. Please continue to pray for our church and each of church families.  May the good Lord have mercy upon us, so we are empowered to continue witnessing the gospel in midst of this pandemic.

Thanks to Anderson and Annie Shi-Mu for taking initiative to revive church prayer meeting, and nothing is sweeter than the hour we kneel before Him. Yes, the invisible enemies, both coronavirus and spiritual beings, may have the upper hand in this time by attacking humans viciously. Nevertheless, God still reigns from the above and continues to accomplish his purpose in this unusual time. We firmly believe that our Lord Jesus Christ will triumph over all the enemies in the end. Therefore, nothing can stop us from wholeheartedly worshiping and serving our God, even at the time we are confined in our homes. For this reason, the church decides to have a virtual communion this Friday  Please reserve your time and prepare your heart to join Good Friday service on April 10th.

Ministry Update:

  1. Virtual prayer meetings at 7:30pm Monday and Thursday, which are led by Anderson and Annie Shi-Mu respectively. 
  2. Pastor Chen’s virtual office hours, 10:00am-12:00pm every Wednesday and Friday.
  3. Chinese Sunday school (Catherine Li) and English Sunday (Rachel Ma)
  4. We will have Good Friday service at 7:30pm on 4/10 through Zoom
  5. Please prepare your elements for a communion service on Good Friday (see instructions from my previous email).
  6. We will have at 11:00am on Sunday Easter service (4/12) through Zoom.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for Coronavirus outbreak in US and around the world.
  2. Pray for physical and spiritual well-being of our church members.
  3. Pray for church leadership handling the transition of on-going ministry.
  4. Pray for God’s provision for church families affected by the slowing-down of business.
  5. Pray for God’s protection for people who have to work outside home.

Practice social distance and keep safe!  Look forward to meeting you virtually this week.



当我们的国家遭受凶恶病毒的攻击时,我们见证了教会成员的坚韧信念。这是因为上帝依然在我们中间工作,使得在线聚会的出席人数持续稳定增长。人们比以往任何时候都更需要寻求上帝的引导和保护。感谢裴牧师周日的讲道,现在正是背诵和默想诗篇 46 的绝佳时机。上帝的话语成为我们力量与安慰的源泉。在本周日 4/5,我们有 58 人通过 Zoom 一起敬拜。感谢主,我们的成员在这期间依然热心参与和相互支持。信心的成长确实是上帝期望祂儿女所收获的果实。无人能想到教会能够在这种情况下,推动成小组事工,但是我们看到更多的小组开始在线聚会。这实在是上帝奇妙无比的恩典。也要为我们的领导团队而感谢上帝,这完全可以称为梦之队!执事们每个礼拜天都要开会,以应对教会事工的变化。为了满足事工的需求,许多人投入了比平时更多的时间,来推进教会事工。毫不夸张地说,我们中有些人真的是在全天候工作。目前,执事会正在考虑建立一个爱心基金,以帮助教会成员的经济需要。同时,我们将起草一项计划,以帮助可能因病毒感染受到困扰的家庭。请继续为教会和每个教会家庭祈祷。愿主怜悯,让我们有能力继续在这场瘟疫之中见证福音。
感谢林恩深弟兄和裴师母主动开始在线祷告会,没有什么比我们屈身在上帝面前的时候更甜蜜了。是的,在这时期,那些无形的敌人,无论是冠状病毒还是灵界势力,可能因恶毒地攻击人类而占据上风。尽管如此,上帝仍然在天上主宰,并在此刻继续实现祂拯救的目标。我们坚信主耶稣基督最终必将战胜所有的仇敌。因此,即使我们被困在家中,也没有什么可以阻止我们,全心全意地敬拜和侍奉我们的上帝。为此,教会决定在这个星期五举行在线圣餐。请预留出时间参加,并为 4 月 10 日的耶稣受难日聚会做好准备。


  1. 在线祷告会于周一和周四晚间 7 点半举行,将分别由林恩深弟兄和裴师母主持。
  2. 陈牧师的在线办公时间为每周三和周五的10:00 am-12:00pm。
  3. 中文主日学将由李嘉琳带领,英文主日学由马若曦带领。
  4. 本周五4月10日晚上7点30分将通过Zoom举行耶稣受难日活动。
  5. 请在周五前准备好耶稣受难日的圣餐所需物品(指南详情请见我之前发的邮件)
  6. 4 月12日上午11点将通过Zoom举行在线复活节崇拜。


  1. 为我们教会所有成员的身体及属灵健康
  2. 为教会领袖处理正在进行的事工过渡
  3. 为因业务放缓所收影响的家庭祈祷上帝的供应
  4. 为那些必须在外工作的人们祈祷上帝的保护




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