2020 Sermon List

DatePreacherSermon TitleScriptures
4-5Pastor RayYou Can Find God To Be A Very Present Help In Trouble 神是我們在患難中隨時的幫助诗篇Psalm 46
3-29Pastor ChenDid God Send the Coronavirus? 是上帝降下這場瘟疫嗎?詩篇 Psalm 91:1-8
3-22Pastor ChenBe Careful of Another Virus 小心病毒約壹 1John 4:7
3-15Pastor ChenFear Not 不要懼怕太Mt. 14:27
3-08Pastor RayPart 2 of Psalm 22 基督復活帶來的榮耀盼望Psalm 22:22-31 (Romans 5:2)
3-01Pastor ChenConfess To One Another 彼此認罪各 James. 5:13-18
2-23Pastor ChenForgive One Another 彼此寬恕太 Matthew 18:21-35
2-16Pastor RayPsalm 22 诗篇22篇Psalm 22 诗篇22篇
2-9Rev David LeeFour Loaves and Two Fish? 四餅二魚?馬可 Mark 6:34-44
2-2Pastor ChenLove One Another 彼此相愛約壹 1John 4:7-12
1-26Pastor ChenWhat About Rats? 鼠年論鼠1 Peter 彼前 1:16
1-19Pastor DaleChoosing The Right Path For The New Year
箴言 Proverbs 4:20-27
1-12Pastor ChenWhy Small Groups
出 Ex 18:13-25;
徒 Acts 2:46-47
1-05Pastor ChenLife Reboot
林後 2 Corinthians 5:17

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