08-10-20 Newsletter- 牧師家書

Dear Friends at 5C:

In the last week, there is no other news more disturbing to the Chinese community than the President’s announcement on banning WeChat in the US. Although we have been expecting this ban from the Trump administration for a while, it is still unclear what this executive order really means to our daily use of WeChat. Nevertheless, our church does not want to be caught by political struggles between the two countries. Therefore, the deacon board decides to move all our communications to the LINE group, which consists of 56 members as of now.  However, the church continues to post updates to the WeChat group in the next two weeks to allow our members for this transition, Please download the LINE app and join 5C group if you haven’t done so already. Praise the Lord for the enthusiastic response from our members who make this daunting task so pleasant!

Due to this pandemic, our church has to postpone or cancel many planned ministries and events for this year. People are confined to their limited space and their movements, so is the church ministry. Our church may not grow significantly in number, but we are witnessing another growth, a spiritual awakening to study the Bible enthusiastically. Praise the Lord for people in Chinese Sunday school class, since they spend many hours each week to study the Book of Mark diligently. To be honest, this is not expected by any of us when this class began in June. It is surely a work of God, a blessing to our members, and a spiritual momentum to move church ministry forward. May the Word of God transform our lives and lay a solid foundation for future church ministry!

Ministry Update:

  1. Virtual prayer meetings at 7:30 pm Monday and Thursday.
  2. Pastor Chen takes time off this week Aug 11-13 to send Amanda to college.
  3. Chinese Sunday school (Pastor Chen) and English Sunday school (Bianca Lin).
  4. Small-Group “Love” will meet through Zoom at 7:30 pm on Sunday 8/16.
  5. Pastor Ray will preach this Sunday 8/16, and we look forward to his message in the Genesis series.
  6. Deacon nomination committee is working to nominate new deacons for next year.
  7. Deacons board approves the Good Samaritan Committee guideline.

Prayer Requests:

  1. Pray for the Coronavirus outbreak in the US and around the world.
  2. Pray for the physical and spiritual well-being of our church members.
  3. Pray for God’s protection for people who have to work outside home.
  4. Praise the Lord that Crystal’s uncle had successful surgery (kidney cancer) on Aug 7 in South Korea and please continue to pray for his full recovery
  5. Pray for Samuel Lee’s epidermal inclusion cyst on his back, waiting for a surgery date to remove it
  6. Pray for expecting mother- Crystal Cui
  7. Pray for Gigi Kidd for her shoulder surgery on Aug 11.
  8. Pray for Annie’s sister who suffers Parkinson’s disease.
  9. Pray for Ed Sherman’s son Lane who undergoes treatment for brain cancer.

Look forward to seeing you virtually on Sunday.

鬥爭的困擾。因此,執事會決定將我們所有的通訊交流移至 LINE,該群組
目前已有 56 名成員。教會將在接下來的兩週內繼續向微信群發布信息,
以方便大家進行轉換過渡。如果您尚未加入 LINE,請下載該應用軟體並加
入 5C 群組。感謝主,大家熱情洋溢地回應,他們使這項艱鉅的任務變得



  1. 線上禱告會於週一和週四晚間 7 點半舉行
  2. 陳牧師本週 11-13 日請假,送女兒去大學
  3. 中文主日學將由陳牧師帶領,英文主日學由張西齡姐妹带領
  4. 『仁愛』小組將於 8 月 16 日晚間 7 點半通過 Zoom 聚會
  5. 本主日 8/16 將由裴牧師講道,继续講解創世紀系列
  6. 執事提名委員會正在進行明年新執事的提名工作
  7. 執事會已批准好撒瑪利亞人委員會的指南


  1. 為美國及世界各地的新冠肺炎的爆發
  2. 為我們教會所有成員的身體及屬靈健
  3. 為那些必須在外工作的人們祈禱上帝的保護
  4. 讚美主,崔琳的二姑父已於韓國時間 8 月 7 號成功進行腎癌手術,請繼續為他的恢复祈祷
  5. 為李碩俊后背的表皮囊肿祈禱,等待進行手術將其取出
  6. 為待產的崔琳姐妹祈禱
  7. 為將於 8 月 11 日接受肩部手術的 Gigi Kidd
  8. 為裴師母正在遭受帕金森困擾的姐姐
  9. 為 Ed Sherman 的兒子 Lane 祈禱,他正在接受腦瘤治療

主僕 陳金昌

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