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裴賀安慈師母小檔案:1970年信主,1976年畢業於國立台灣大學外文系,曾任職於主臨萬邦基督教廣播節目製作。1978年來美入美南浸信會西南神學院深造,結識夫婿裴瑞明牧師,於1981年畢業獲宗教教育碩士,之後與夫婿一同宣教、牧會,並從事神學教育達30多年。2007年進入正道神學院教牧博士科進修, 完成所有課程。

裴師母譯著有《偉人的新生》,《雅各書》,《哥羅西書腓利門書》(校園);《合神心意的領導》,《納尼亞傳奇導讀》,《重燃羅曼史》(雅歌);《The Voice of the Minorities》(少數民族歸主協會/使者協會)。

裴師母於2010年底被診斷患多發性骨髓癌, 2011年經化學治療和自體幹細胞移植,蒙上帝恩典,至今身體仍在良好康復中。自著有《病中親近主》(天恩, 2012) 描述病中所經歷之主的帶領與醫治。

裴師母與裴瑞明牧師牧養過的教會有西裔以馬內利教會(Forth Worth, TX)、Pipeline Ave. 美南浸信會(Chino, CA)、培城國語浸信會英文堂(Arcadia, CA)。目前與夫婿住在加州中岸, 並參與中岸華人教會的事奉。

Mrs. Annie became a Christian in 1970 and graduated from National Taiwan University in 1976.  She worked as a program writer at the China Lutheran Hour for two years and then came to Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas for further study in Christian Education.  While at the seminary she met her husband Raymond Petzholt, and together they served the Lord in overseas missions, teaching, and pastoring for the past thirty-five years.

The Petzholts have published four gospel tracts in an effort to bring the Chinese to Christ which includes: The Chinese Roots in Shang-Ti, Who Is Shang-Ti, China’s Blood Covenant with Shang-Ti, and The Way to Worship- Understanding the Tabernacle.  Mrs. Annie has also translated several books.

Mrs. Annie was treated for multiple myeloma in 2011 and wrote a book about her journey with cancer titled Drawing Nearer to God in Illness 《病中親近主》.

She and her husband Raymond moved to the Central Coast in Oct. 2015 and have enjoyed the weather, sky, ocean, rural country beauty, and the lovely small church.

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