October 18, 2020

10-18-2020 Genesis Day 4 God Creates Sun Moon Stars 傳世紀 第四天

Passage: Genesis 1:14-19
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Genesis 1:14-19 Day 4 God Creates Sun Moon Stars
創世記1:14-19 第四天 上帝創造太陽、月亮、星辰

Introduction 引言:
The sun reveals a lot about God. 太陽顯明諸多有關上帝的真理

Message Outline 信息大綱:
1. THE ORIGIN OF THE SUN: 1). ‘Created’ by Almighty God or 2). Natural Laws ‘Evolved’ it by time; Chance
太陽的起源:1.全能上帝所造,或 2.自然律經由時間和機率‘進化’它產生
2. Textbooks: Indoctrination not Education! 教科書:洗腦,非教育!
Do Scientists Know the Age of the Sun? 科學家知道太陽的年齡嗎?

3. Origin of the Moon: Man’s ever Changing ‘vain imaginations’ (Rom.1:21) 月亮的起源:人持續改變他‘虛妄的想像’(羅1:21)
The Manifold Mysteries of the Moon月亮的多重奧秘

4. Profound Spiritual Truth Designed into the Sun, Moon & EARTH

Conclusion 结语:
Key Lessons 主要學習:

  1. As the Bride of ChristChristianswe are to reflect His light in this dark world. (Matt太. 5:14; Eph弗. 5:8-14). 基督徒身為基督的新婦,我們要反射祂的光在這黑暗的世界上。
  2. If we let the world come between us & Christ, life gets very dark.倘若我們讓世界站在我們和基督之間,生命會變得十分黑暗。
  3. Ariseshinefor thy light is comeand the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee” (read Isaiah賽 60:1-3) 興起,發光!因為你的光已經來到!耶和華的榮耀發現照耀你。

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